Monday, 31 July 2017

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Exness sponsored for Real Madrid

I'm very impressive with this sponsorship. Because Exness is only market leader without noise. Difference with other forex brokers, Exness doesn't have any noisy activities. They don't have big contests, big prizes, big bonus programs also don't have gifts for big customers. But they are the best broker in the market.
This times, they spent at least 10 millions for this sponsorship, it's weird but it's cool. This sponsorship showed that they are rich. So don't worry about your fund. Actually, even they don't sponsor this, most of traders still trust in them. Because last year, they was very manly when they compensate millions dollars for customers who got CHF and DDOS problems.

If you haven't traded in Exness, this is the good opportunity to find out better brokers. More information here

Should i trade in Exness?

Of course you should trade! Because Exness is biggest forex broker on the world now, if you don't choose them, who do you want?

Why you should trade in Exness?

- They are the biggest forex broker.
- Fastest deposit and withdraw fund. All processes are instant.
- Low spread, no extra commission. Exness' spread is low as 0.1 pip.
- No minimum deposit, minimum position size at 0.01 lot.
- High execution speed.
- They have had been honor because they always compensate customers in any bad situation.
Let's open one account and take advantages from best forex broker.

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