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Top 3 highest trading volume forex brokers on the world

Why you should trade in the highest trading volume forex brokers? The idea is simple: It isn't naturally that a forex broker got highest trading volume. It might be lowest spread, high execution speed, good reputation, high leverage, ... And any way, i'm sure they are offering the best services in the forex market. That why most of forex traders are going with them. If most of traders are trading with them, why not you? Scam broker can cheat 1, 10, 1000 traders but they can not cheat hundreds thousands traders. So, If you don't know what brokers are the best for you, choose in the top 5 highest trading volume brokers as below:

1. Exness got highest trading volume in 2017

Exness got a very impressive result in 2017. They move from number 5 to number 1 just for 3 months. In 2016, Exness' average trading volume is 198$ billions monthly. In 2017 they hit 313 billions for the highest trading volume month.
More details bout this trading volume here
Please note that 313 billions is the highest trading volume within retail forex broker and exclude Japanese brokers.

Why Exness got the high growth for 2017?

- They have invested a lot of money for improving server. That's why their orders execution speed are the fastest now. This is the most important condition for professional traders choosing a brokers. That why, there are only 49,000 active traders but Exness' monthly trading volume is 313 billions USD.
- They launched rebate bonus which cashback customers 2 - 16$/lot. They are popular because of low spread (from 0.1 pip). And on 2017 they started rebate 1 - 16$. That made them became the lowest spread broker on the market. 
The strategy which target to big fishes seem worked well. Their customers are not increased but their trading volume was increased 60%.
If you want to get their bonus. You can create an account from this link.

2. 257 billions monthly. is always in top of list. They are huge broker. And their trading volume is stable for long time (around 200 - 250 bln USD) that why Exness can easily go over. Last year, they are the second highest trading volume broker also.

Why their trading volume was increased slowly?

- High spread: 
Because was regulated in US, Japan, UK and Australia, so it have to follow their conditions. One of disadvantage of these regulation is high spread. If you experienced many brokers, you will find out that: more regulations, higher spread. While most of forex brokers is offering spread from 0.1 pip, is offering from 4.9 pips. 

- Low leverage
This is also one of disadvantage of their regulation. Low leverage is suitable for US, UK and Japan only. But for other Asian countries, especially China, they like higher leverage. And as you may knew, China is the second biggest forex market in Asia now!

Why traders like

- They are the most popular and well known broker. They regulated in many markets, so that why traders trust in them.
* Small note here: most of their regulations are not for protecting Asia, Africa and LATAM traders.
- Stable System:
Their System is good, high execution spreed.

3. FXCM is NO 3 in highest trading volume brokers list.

They are former champion broker. Last year 2016, their trading volume is 330 billions USD monthly. But all changed for one night. US government banned them from US market. So FXCM retail trading volume dropped from 330 to 210 billions USD and lower.

Why traders like FXCM?

- Reasonable spread. 
Difference with, FXCM is also regulated in US but their spread is reasonable. It isn't low but it's competitive. Their average spread for UERUSD is 1.4. For me, it's good spread.
- Good regulation:
Most of traders trust in them because they are regulated in US.

There are 2 big events which destroyed FXCM in 2016

1. CHF event. 

After this event, everyone know that FXCM keeps all clients orders. For this event, they lost 225 millions US..

2. They was banned from US Market.
These 2 big event closed a dark year for FXCM. Their trading volume dropped 40% after these 2 events and they also face problem with financial health. 

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