Tuesday, 8 August 2017

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What is Exness Leverage? Is it the highest forex leverage?

I just researched some forex review websites and most of them posted: Exness' leverage is 1:2000. But these information was outdated. Exness has offered their clients unlimited leverage for around 2 years. Exness is the first broker offer this high leverage.

What is the advantages of high Exness' leverage?

- You can trade more with small deposit. If you are professional traders. You know exact market trend. Why not trade more?
- Traders who trade news like high leverage.
- Higher leverage, lower margin. My strategy is open high leverage account but always open small positions. Because high leverage so my free margin is always high and my positions are safer.
- You can earn more profit.

What is disadvantages of high Exness' leverage?

- Riskier. If you open a huge positions with small deposit. Your positions are very risky.

Most of Exness' trader can not open unlimited account!

Because high leverage is very risky, so Exness only offer this product for traders who fixed these conditions.
More detail about Exness Unlimited leverage here
- Traded over 5 lots.
- Opened over 10 positions
- Equity is lower than 1000 USD.
The conditions: 5 lots and 10 positions are for protecting traders. Because high risk, so Exness only offers for experienced traders.
For the condition: Equity is lower than 1000$ is for protecting Exness. Because there are many leverage cheaters. They often open very huge positions before big Events. If they win, they can win a lot and if they lost they also lost a lot. They just do some risk calculation to make sure profit is more than loss. 

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