Tuesday, 8 August 2017

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Where does Exness regulate? What forex license does Exness own?

Most of common questions about Exness is: where does Exness regulate and what license do they have. License is very important but most of you were misunderstood bout it. Do you think that: more number of license is better? UK, US license will protect you?
There is truth that: US license only protect US citizens, UK license only protect Britishers. So, what license will protect Asian, Africa, Latam traders? Most of big brokers don't have the license to protect them. And Exness is also same. Exness have 2 licenses: Cysec and FCA. Both 2 forex licenses only protect Europeans and Britishers.

But it doesn't mater! Exness is the biggest forex broker on the world now!
Although their license don't protect Asian, Africa, ... traders but you can trust in them. I trade in Exness for long time and also have seen a lot of big/bad events which only Exness compensated traders.
- Firstly, CHF event in early 2016. Exness spent over 10 millions USD to compensated clients who were affected from this event.
- Secondly, DDOS. Also in 2016, Exness was DDOS. Thousands clients were affected from this. Clients can not access to Exness' website and MT4, so they can not stop their positions. So, many of them were lost and many also made more money. For lost traders, Exness compensated them all.
For each event, Exness compensated customers millions dollars. That's why i always trust in them.
If you still don't know what forex account should you open in Exness. You can read this article.

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