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Exness' demo account vs real account comparison

Exness offers 4 real accounts are: Cent, Mini, Classic and ECN. Exness also offers 3 demo accounts are: Mini, Classic and ECN. So, what are the differences between forex demo and real accounts?
Before start trading real accounts, i spent 3 months for demo accounts. And it's very easy to double my account fund for first month, triple for second month. After i got good results with demo account, i'm very confident and decide to trade real account. I am so confident to deposit 1000$ for the first times and lose all for 1 week.
Some of my friends also got the same situation. Because brokers want you to win demo account, so you will trade real money. That why spread is lower, slippages never happen. They make you feel that you are genius and willing to deposit all your money. That feeling is very dangerous. So, i suggest you don't trade demo account.

Don't trade forex demo account because:

- Trading condition is not real. So, you will train yourself wrongly. It's similar with: you study MMA to fight by Boxing rules. It's will harm you. Because you will be familiar with wrong trading conditions. So, that why if you win more with demo accounts, you will lose more with real account.
- In real money trading, mental is the most important. You always have to follow your disciplines and never trade base on your emotion. But if you trade trial account, you never have that feeling. You can not train your mental ability. So, this is the main reason why traders lose when they change from demo to real account.
- Demo account is very boring. And there isn't motivation to study faster. That's why it took me 3 months for demo account. If i start with real account, i might save that 3 months.

Instead of using Exness' demo account, let trade Cent account:

Cent account is perfect account for beginners. Cent is real account. You will trade by your real money but lower 100 times compare with standard account. So, you just deposit 10$ and get 1000 USC in your account. It's similar with 1000$. So you can practice all strategies, knowledge,... with 10$. It's very cheap price for studying.
Open Exness Cent account here
Remember that Cent is real account and you are trading by your real money. So, all trading conditions are real. If you win you can withdraw that money. Because of real money, so it forces you to study faster to reduce lose.
If you want to win, let start right way.

Why Exness' Cent account?

1. Lowest min deposit: 1$.
2. Lowest min position: 0.01 Lot Cent = 0.0001 Lot USD.
3. Lowest spread for Cent account:  from 0.3 pips.
4. No trading commission.
Create account now!

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