Monday, 9 October 2017

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Exness is the best forex broker for trading Bitcoin

Hundreds thousand traders are investing to Bitcoin now. Because Bitcoin price have increased 25 times this year and maybe up more. Moreover, it's just in the early stage of e-currency, so that why most of traders believe the price will go up much more.
Most of forex brokers just allow Bitcoin trading in September 2017. And the spread is much better than delivery Bitcoin brokers (There are 2 types of Bitcoin brokers are Delivery brokers and CFD brokers).

I have traded Bitcoin in XM, FxPro, Hotforex, FXTM và Exness. And i found that Exness is the best forex broker for trading Bitcoin. Because:

1. Exness offers zero swap for Bitcoin trading

As usual, brokers will charge traders swap. But for trading Bitcoin, there isn't swap in Exness. So, you can keep the positions as long as you want. This is the best advantage because most of Bitcoin traders want to keep positions as long as possible. They believe Bitcoin price will go up much more.

Find more Bitcoin swap detail here

2. Exness offers lowest Bitcoin spread trading

XM spread is 12$, FXTM's and Hotforex's spread are 15$, FxPro is 30$ and Exness is jut 5$ spread. This low spread is impressive. Especially when you compare with delivery Bitcoin brokers. Their spread is from 40 - 60$ each coin.
Trading Bitcoin in Exness will save you a lot of money if you are scalp traders.

Open Exness Bitcoin trading account here

3. High leverage for trading Bitcoin

Exness offers you Bitcoin leverage is 1:50. This is the highest Bitcoin leverage in the market. It mean you only have to pay 1/50 Bitcoin value to buy 1 Bitcoin. So, it mean you can get Bitcoin 50 times more with the same investment fund.
Ex: Current Bitcoin price is 20,00 USD. If you use leverage 1/50, you only pay 400$ to buy one coin.
Check detail leverage here

4. Exness is the best forex broker in the market

Bitcoin trading is risky, especially when you trade with delivery Bitcoin brokers. There are at least 2 big brokers were closed because of hacking and US government. Because they are new brokers, so it is easier to be closed.
Exness offers Forex trading service for 10 years and they are the biggest retail forex broker now. That's why it is impossible for Exness to be closed.
So, i think Exness is the best option to trading Bitcoin now!

Let create 1 free real account to test Exness' spread now!
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