Wednesday, 11 October 2017

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Exness offers the best ECN account

Most of traders know that ECN account is the perfect account for forex trading. But over 90% traders choose Market maker accounts! Because ECN account isn't for regular traders. It's for experts! Because big banks don't offer services for small retail traders. So, small traders have to trade ECN with retail brokers. And their ECN account is not suitable for most of traders because:
- Fast price movement. There are lot of slippages more than Maket maker account's.
- There is only market execution. For market maker accounts, as usual, you can choose both instant and market execution.
- Higher deposit requirement.

Although there are many disadvantages but there are 2 advantages which encourage traders trade ECN account:
- Lowest spread. Spread is nearly zero. In standard condition, spread should be zero. And as usual, spread is from 0.0  to 0.3 pip for EURUSD.
- Broker can not trade against traders. Traders are also afraid that market maker brokers will trade against them. Because if you win, market maker will lose and vice versa. So, this is the main reason why traders like ECN.

Why Exness ECN account is the best?

- Exness offers the lowest spread ECN accounts. As usual, spread is around 0 - 0.2 pips. This is the lowest ECN spread in the market.
- Exness only charges 2.5$ commission per lot. This is also crazy low commission. As usual, other brokers charge 5 - 10$ per lot. 
- Low minimum deposit. While other brokers ask to deposit at least some thousands Dollars, Exness only requires minimum 300$ deposit for the first time. You can deposit lower for the next times.
You can open 1 free real account here to check whether these information are correct.
I suggest you don't open demo ECN account because demo trading conditions are not same real account. Moreover, You create account for testing, not deposit now, so why not real ECN account?

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Hi, I am Peter, a 9 years experienced trader. I have traded with many brokers and there are only some brokers are good to go. So, what i shared you is very useful for your trading career.


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