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Exness review! Is Exness reliable? Should we trade in Exness?

A lot of  traders are searching Exness reviews. Because most of them know Exness through word of mouth. Before someone introduce Exness to them, they don't have any idea about Exness. Especially, when some one told them that Exness is the best forex broker and the biggest retail forex broker in the market! As usual, the first reaction is surprising. Because they believe that market leader should be noisy. So, they start researching and they find out the reasons.

So, what are Exness advantages?

1. Exness offers the lowest spreads [Exness review]

I never trade with new brokers. Because it's very risky. We deposit hundreds thousands USD, so we should trade with biggest forex brokers. Because as usual, bigger brokers offer better trading conditions and safer.
That why, in order to compare spread, i only compare among top forex brokers. Firstly, i listed down top brokers. Secondly i created accounts of these brokers and compare spread manually. And i found that Exness' spread is the best. Let compare EURUSD.

Exness' spread is 0.9 - 1.1 pip. >> Check Now
Hotforex's spread is 1.1 - 1.2 pip >> Check Now
XM's spread is 1.7 - 2 pips >> Check Now
FxPro's is from 1.4 - 1.7 pips >> Check Now

I suggest you create 1 account from these brokers and and compare spread by yourself.

2. Exness offers the fastest withdrawal system [Exness review]

I have traded in many brokers and found that Exness' withdrawal is the fastest. In Exness, deposit and withdrawal is instant. You can get your fund just some seconds. This is  the most reputation of Exness. While it takes other brokers some hours to withdraw, Exness only takes them some seconds to withdraw. This is why traders like Exness.

You can check Exness payment methods here

3. Exness offers the lowest margin requirements [Exness review]

I assume that you are experienced traders and you knew margin, free margin. For each of position, you have to pay amount of money for margin. And free money is the the rest of money in your account which you can withdraw.
If you deposit same money, higher margin requirement brokers will be riskier. Because it's easier for you to get margin call and stop out.
In Exness if you use unlimited leverage, your margin requirement will be zero. But remember, even you are using unlimited leverage, you always should follow risk management strategy: Don't lost more than 2% your fund. As usual, don't open positions 100 times bigger than your equity. If you follow risk management, the higher leverage you use, the safer. Because you always have more free margin.

Learn more about unlimited leverage here

4. Exness offers better trading conditions [Exness review]

- Firstly, Exness' executions are fast. Exness invested a lot of money for improving server this year and now their server maybe is the best now. There are less slip pages in Exness than other brokers now.
- Minimum deposit in Exness is 1$ and minimum position volume is 0.001lot USD. This is is the lowest requirement. These conditions are good for traders who want to test Exness' trading condition. So they can deposit 10$ and can open 100 position to test spread, payment system and executions,...
- Minimum position volume is 0.0001 lot USD is good for traders who don't have much money but using robot trading. 

5. Exness is reliable  broker.

From March 2017, Exness became the biggest forex brokers on the world. Their monthly trading volume is over 313 billions and increase 60% in 2017. They got the quickly growth because of server improvements. Last year, there are a lot of complaints about Exness server. They invest a lot of money to improve server and their server is the fastest one now! That why most of big brokers are moving from other brokers to Exness and help them get the highest growth ever. 

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