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Exness vs XM comparison? Should you trade in Exness or XM?

This is a good comparison. Because Exness is the biggest retail forex broker and XM is the most famous broker on the world. It's hard to say which one is better because each has its advantages. So, i will list down some elements for comparisons and you are the guys who make decisions!

1. Regulation comparison between Exness and XM

For regulation, XM is much better than Exness. While XM was regulated in UK, EU, AU by CySec, IFSC, FCA, ASIC. Exness only was regulated in UK, EU by CySec and FCA licenses. All these licenses are good for Europeans and UK citizens. But they are useless for ASIAN, Africa, Arabic, US and LATAM countries. So if you are in the countries, both companies are same.
Note: Most of forex licenses don't protect ASIAN and Africa traders. But you have to care about their licenses because these licenses express company's ability and reputation. But, for me, one prestigious license is enough. One financial commitee manage them is enough. Because if they get more license, they can not offer high leverage, low spread, no bonus,... So, it's bad if they got so many licenses.

2. Spread comparision between Exness and XM

Exness spread is much better then XM. Now, let compare the most trading currency pair: EURUSD. Exness only charges 0.9 pips for standard account, while XM is 1.7 pips.
For ECN accounts, Exness only charge 2.5$.lot and XM is 10$/lot. So, in this case, Exness totally win. If you trade 100 lot EURUSD in Exness you will save up to 800$ spread cost. That why professional traders don't like XM. Only new traders choose XM because of welcome bonus.

Check Exness spread here

3. Minimum deposit comparison between Exness and XM.

Minimum deposit in Exness is 1$ and XM is 5$. 1$ and 5$ is nothing for traders! How much do you want to make if you deposit 1$?
Minimum deposit only mater if you want to test broker's trading conditions. Example, you didn't trade in Exness before and before depositing 1000$ you want to deposit as low as possible for testing. So, you should deposit 1$ for testing spread, payment system,...
If you want to test Exness' system, you should open Cent account which minimum deposit is 1$, min trading order is 0.0001 lot USD. So, with 1$, you can open hundreds 0.0001 lot positions. 

Open Cent account here

4. Fund withdrawal speed comparison between Exness and XM.

For this comparison, Exness wins entirely. Not only XM, Exness win all other brokers in term of withdrawal speed. Because you can get money instantly. In Exness, most of payment methods are instant and auto. There isn't financial specialist to approve your withdrawal. That's why you can get your fund after some seconds.

Read more about instant payment system here

5. Magin requirement comparison between Exness and XM

If your balance is lower than 1000$ and you already had trading experiences, you can trade nearly zero margin in Exness. How to activate this? You have to activate your unlimited leverage to open zero margin positions.
This is a high advantage because you will have more free margin to keep your positions open. If you deposit same amount, open same positions, the lower margin position the safer.

Learn more about Unlimited leverage  here

6. Welcome bonus

XM is winner. If you didn't register account in XM, you should register and get 30$ welcome bonus. Actually it's not easy to withdraw money because of its conditions. But "Something better than nothing". 

You can get 30$ XM bonus here

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