Thursday, 26 October 2017

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Sharing trading experiences in Exness!

I have 4 years trading experiences in Exness. And i know many Exness' secrets which are good for you to trade better. Let see what they are:

1. Exness' spread is higher at night time than day time.

Not many traders know this. This was concluded after 4 years trading. As usual, for night time, Exness' spread is higher than day time from 0.1 - 0.3 pip. This isn't much increasing but you should know this and choose the best trading time for you.
Besides, Exness' spread isn't good for all currency pair. It's only good for main currency pair such as: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, XAUUSD. So, when you choose currency pair, you should check Exness' specification first. Check Here

2. Fund Withdrawal isn't instant as Exness said

Exness always promotes for its instant withdrawal. But it's not instant. You should read the "instant" definition carefully. They position their payment system is instant. Instant here means automatically. All processes will work automatically. And clients can get their fund for some minutes.
It isn't instant but it's the fastest withdrawal while other brokers take you some days to get your fund.

Check Exness payment methods here

3. Exness Mini account is the most popular account

There are 4 types of account in Exness: Cent, Mini, Classic and ECN. Most of clients tried all these accounts and finally, they choose Mini account. Because after trading they know that there is not difference between Cent, Mini and Classic in term of trading conditions. Exness said that Classic's spread is lower then Mini but when i open 2 accounts: one is Mini and one is Classic. Both spreads are similar. But Classic account ask traders to deposit minimum 2000$. That why most of traders choose Mini account.
See all Exness trading account here

4. No deposit and withdrawal commission was charged by Exness.

This is true but traders still be charged. Example, if you deposit by Credit card, you will be charged around 3%. So, why?
Actually, Exness does charge you deposit fee. But intermedia banks and e-wallets charge you. And Exness doesn't cover that fee for you. If you deposit by Neteller, Skrill,... there isn't free charged for both deposit and withdrawal.

5. Exness' leverage is the highest but not aways high.

Highest leverage you can use in Exness is unlimited. This is the highest and only Exness offers this high leverage. This high leverage is very good if you open small positions. Your margin requirements are always zero. So, you will have more free margin to keep your positions safer.
But not many traders can use this unlimited leverage. Only traders who traded over 5 lots and their equities are lower then 1000$ can use this high leverage.

See more unlimited leverage here.

About ForexGuru

Hi, I am Peter, a 9 years experienced trader. I have traded with many brokers and there are only some brokers are good to go. So, what i shared you is very useful for your trading career.


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