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Best forex broker allowed bitcoin trading?

If you are finding the best forex broker allowed bitcoin trading, this is your answer!
Bitcoin USD is the best currency pair for trading now. I started owning Bitcoin from Jan 2017. And now it's price was increased 9.5 times. But it isn't my best investment. My best investment is also Bitcoin but Bitcoin CFD investment. I started trading Bitcoin CFD from Sept 2017. I now, my profit is 7 times my deposit amount. I found that, trade BTCUSD (Bitcoin/USD) is much easier and predictable than any currency pairs. For EURUSD, it's hard to forecast the trends. Sometime there are good news but the price go opposite the trends. Because other market news affect to those currency pairs. But for Bitcoin, it's very easy to forecast the trend. For Bitcoin trading, when there are good/bad news, the price will follow exactly the news. And the trend is longer. That why i can make 7 times profit for 1.5 months. It's higher than owning Bitcoin.

So, come back to our topic. What forex broker is the best for trading Bitcoin?

Most of forex brokers just offer Bitcoin trading on Sept 2017. And this is the best opportunity for Bitcoin traders. Because now:
- All transactions will be execute less than 0.1 seconds.
- With the same money, you can buy more 50 times Bitcoin. Because you can use leverage 1:50.
- It's easier to make payment by Credit card, Wire, e-wallet,...
- And you can invest even when Bitcoin price is going down.
- Safer trading system. Last year, there are 2 Bitcoin brokers were closed but forex brokers are more reliable. Because most of them already offered services over 10 years.
- Better and safer trading systems. There are many Bitcoin brokers were hacked. But there isn't any forex brokers was hacked last year. So, it means: forex brokers are higher fund security than Bitcoin brokers.
Because of all above reasons, I think we should trade Bitcoin CFD than owning Bitcoins.

So, what forex broker should you trade Bitcoin?

1. Exness is the best forex broker for trading Bitcoin

As usual, in order to find out the best broker, i will list down top brokers allowed Bitcoin trading first. After that i create accounts in all these brokers. And manually compare trading condition among them such as: spread, commission, leverage, payment system,...
So, top forex brokers allowed Bitcoin trading are:
Why Exness is the best broker for Bitcoin trading?
- Exness is the biggest retail forex broker. So, you don't have to worry about you fund.
- Exness offers the lowest spread for Bitcoin trading. Only 5$ spread per coin.
- Exness offers highest leverage: 1:20. 
- Instant payment system, so you can get your money for seconds.

Check Exness Bitcoin trading conditions here

2. XM is second good forex broker for trading Bitcoin

Of course, all traders know XM. XM is the most popular forex brokers on the world. So, don't worry about your fund when you trade with XM. But why XM only ranks #2?
Because XM offers higher spread than Exness. For Bitcoin, XM charges traders at least 12$/coin. So, it means, for each Bitcoin trading, you have to pay more 7$ for XM than Exness.

Check XM's Bitcoin trading conditions here

3. Hotforex is third good forex broker for trading Bitcoin

I like Hotforex because of good trading conditions and good local supporters. But their reputation is not good as XM and Exness. Their forex trading volume also isn't high as above 2 brokers. Besides, spread for trading Bitcoin also higher. Hotforex offers spread from 15pips (15$). This spread is a little higher than XM and Exness but it's still good.

You can check Hotforex Bitcoin trading conditions here

4. FxPro and and FXTM is the same 4th position.

Actually, FxPro is a little better because of its reputation. But for Bitcoin trading conditions, both brokers are similar. They offer the same spread for Bitcoin trading is 17$/coin. This spread is much higher than other brokers. 

Check FXTM Bitcoin trading conditions here

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